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The N'Compass (Take the Assessment!)

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Welcome and thank you for making it to our podcast release! We’re so excited to have you join our stories on the blessings and challenges of Growing Up Nguyen in America.

Our second chapter, titled N'Compass, shares our insights into the Leadership Compass Assessment - what we liked, disliked, and most importantly why it’s important.

Karin Hanh: Part of the reason why I love personality quizzes is getting to know ourselves better and in the process learning more about others and why it’s important to have many diverse members and skills for a team.

As mentioned in our resource below (3) the Leadership Compass Assessment is similar to the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory in that it identifies our group behavior tendencies which help us to understand how our preferences affect our group work.

Let’s jump into it, what did we like? What did we dislike?

Benjamin Hoang: I just like how easy it was! It was simple to just go through and check mark boxes on what you agreed with and skip the things you didn’t agree with. I mean honestly this quiz didn’t take more than 5 minutes...well 10 minutes if you’re like Karin Hanh and decided to do a second pass through and give yourself half points ;)

While the self-assessment was easy to do, the style of the self-assessments leaves too much room for us to wonder if this either (a) oh this sounds like something I’m like or (b) oh this sounds like something I’d like to be. We’d recommend you keep this in mind or you end up giving yourself a point (or a half-point like Karin Hanh did!) for things that you'd like to be but do not have the qualities of just yet.

If you enjoy taking personality quizzes, learning more about yourself and your dynamics with friends and family, we really recommend you take this quiz. Leave a comment below on your quiz results!

Thanks for joining us and stay tuned for the next chapter.

Additional Resources:

1. There are several assessments available. This is the version we chose to take.

2. Once you learn where you fall, you can discover ways to work with other sides of the compass here.

3. We know each other so well that we could make sense of our individual compass directions, but we didn’t have similar enough results to discuss strengths and limitations of the different directions of the compass. We suggest you try these discussion questions in a large group setting where you can delve deeper into the traits you do and don’t have in common:

  • What are the strengths of your style? (4 adjectives)

  • What are the limitations of your style? (4 adjectives)

  • What style do you find most difficult to work with and why?

  • What do people from the other directions or styles need to know about you so you can work together effectively?

  • What do you value about the other 3 styles?


Growing Up Nguyễn is a story of four siblings holding onto our identity while fulfilling our parents’ dreams: the blessings and challenges of being Nguyen in America.

You can listen to Chapter 1 and 2 of Growing Up Nguyễn Anchor, Spotify, Apple, Google, and other podcasting platforms.

For the Chapter 1: Nguyễn it Begins transcript, click here. Chapter 2: N’Compass transcript is here. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram: @growing.up.nguyen @huong.kong @karinflair @heezy_nygen @its_benguinooo

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