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If three's a crowd, four is a party. In the Nguyen family, this meant constant joy and laughter as the four siblings navigated the blessings and challenges that arose as an immigrant family of six. 

Born in the Bay Area and raised by first-generation Vietnamese immigrant parents, Huong, Karin Hanh, Hedda Hieu, and Benjamin Hoang have always felt that sense of being in between. Together as siblings, they’ll converse about their individual experiences, juxtapose generation Y versus Z, and compare their school environments and social groups--all while living in the same household, attending the same family vacations, and debating whether the dishwasher is for washing or for drying. This podcast gestated over years during their dinner conversations, and now, the siblings are ready to deliver. Join them as they explore the hyphenation in Vietnamese-American and share what it means to be Growing Up Nguyen in America.

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